Why is Donald Trump being impeached?

Why is Donald Trump being impeached?

Land of the Free

The Founding Fathers fought hard to free themselves from Britain, and they did not want British influence on American soil.

No Foreign Interference!

That is why the Constitution¬†forbids foreigners¬†from interfering in US elections. It’s a national security issue – if other countries get involved, how do we know elections are free and fair?

Trump Welcomed Ukraine In

Trump is in trouble because he asked Ukraine to get involved in a US election – he them to launch an unfounded investigation of Joe Biden’s son. The goal was to make Biden look corrupt, therefore helping Trump in 2020.

Let’s Make A Deal

Trump offered a “deal” to the President of Ukraine – help me smear Joe, and we’ll use taxpayer money to give you weapons. Trump told government employees to help him get what he wanted.

This is Illegal!

As Written in the Constitution, Presidents are not allowed to use our tax dollars or government employees to help themselves politically. George Washington urged Americans “to be constantly awake, as history and experience have proved that foreign interference is one of the most baneful foes of republican government”


Many Gave Him the Benefit of the Doubt Before

In scandals before, politicans from conservative states like Ohio, Georgia, Arizona and Tennessee gave the President the benefit of the doubt.

This Time, He Crossed The Line

Now these politicians believe President Trump crossed the line. They are part of the 224 representatives who voted to impeach.