What do Conservatives and Liberals agree on?


In 2016, Trump was seen as a Builder and Fixer by many.

In 2016, many people saw Donald Trump as a successful businessman who was going to fix the country’s problems and help ordinary people get ahead.

Three Years Later… People Are Having Doubts

However, three years later, many Americans have doubts. Why? Across liberals and conservatives, their reasons are surprisingly similar.

Everyone is coming under attack.

Both conservatives and liberals see Trump attacking people across the spectrum (over 500 people attacked so far).

Even his own party.

Conservatives don’t like that he targets his own party – 1 in 5 Republican senators from states like Tennessee, Arizona, South Carolina, Florida and Nebraska.


Regular Americans should be safe.

Even if someone disagrees with the president, they have a right to Free Speech. Yet he has attacked his critics, including women, Gold Star families, and even teenagers.


Trump is seen as a cyber-bully.

Many people see his tweets as cyber-bullying – for example, he has called women by names like “dog”, “ugly”, “frumpy” and “bimbo”.


A Boy King?

That’s why many people on both sides describe Donald Trump as a “boy king” – throwing tantrums and punishing people who disagree with him.

Why Isn’t He Doing His Job?

Conservatives and liberals both wonder if Trump is getting anything done, or if he’s more focused on his ego than serving the country.
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